The LOST HYMNS Project
is now sharing space with
My Sunday School Notes

I have spent the majority of my adult life teaching the children at church and have not spent a lot of time in the adult
Sunday School classes. To keep myself studying the same material as the grown-ups, I have come up with various
scripture study projects to carry through with during my personal scripture study times. Through the years I have
shared some of them with family and friends, who have urged me to share them with others. So, here we go.
I welcome any friendly comments, corrections, or conversations - but I do
not and will not argue religion.

Yes, I know it's all in .PDF format. This is on purpose. It's so you can print or download to your heart's content.
I am posting so you can print and use all of this as a basis for your own scripture study files and notebooks.

write me with any friendly comments.
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